Ocean View

Sennen, Cornwall

Welcome to our first development at Sennen, Cornwall, that brings you a life beyond zero.

Introducing Ocean View, a select development of 3 Net Zero Energy Efficient Homes overlooking the beautiful Sennen Cove, Sennen, Cornwall.

Oceanside luxury living supported by intelligent technology

These luxurious coastal properties have bay views and are situated a short walk through the dunes from the white sand surfing beaches of Sennen Cove and Gwynver. These high tech residences have self learning intelligent management Wondrwall systems to ensure your energy consumption is kept low.

Precision engineering

By sourcing precision engineered timber frame panels, these houses have been constructed using the best quality material and advanced manufacturing processes

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EPC rating

The homes in our Sennen development have Energy Performance Certificates of 100A, showing they have zero emissions



A 12-year structural warranty accompanies our net-zero homes, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners while enjoying the benefits of negative energy bills.

Take a 360° tour

Explore our immersive tour of Ocean View

Intelligent technology that's capable of learning how you use your home

Introducing Wondrwall, the innovative technology used at our Ocean View development at Sennen. It learns how you use your home and the home’s thermal characteristics, intelligently managing heating, lighting, energy, and security for optimal carbon efficiency and energy cost savings.

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Reduction in your energy use with our home automation

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More efficient than gas-powered equivalents

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Savings with Wondrwall battery and solar solutions

A self-learning system that adapts your home heating, lighting and security according to your routine.

Explore the Wondr of Wondrwall

It starts with a switch

At the heart of your intelligent home is the Wondrwall Light Switch. Each switch has 13 built-in sensors capable of detecting/measuring motion, temperature, luminosity, humidity, power, touch and sound.

Gas free heating

Wondrwall can control various gas-free heating options. Ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels, electric towel radiators and underfloor heating all provide a comfortable, healthy and practical heating solution that can be controlled based on occupancy and use.

Intelligent hot water

Wondrwall integrates an intelligent hot water cylinder. With sensors throughout the tank, Wondrwall is capable of learning how much hot water you use and only heat the hot water you actually need with free solar or off-peak energy where possible.

Motion security

Wondrwall is always on the lookout for intruders. Our motion sensors in every light switch work to detect the presence of trespassers and can be individually controlled to ensure that if you have a large pet, its presence does not accidentally sound the alarm in each switch and the Wondrwall Alarm Siren.

Free solar energy

Wondrwall ESC (Energy Service Contract) customers benefit from high-performance, low-maintenance Solar PV arrays on their homes. Each solar array is matched to the load of the home wherever possible to ensure your home can produce as much free energy each year as it consumes.

Sell back to the grid

Fully integrated and controlled inverter converts DC electricity from the solar or battery into AC electricity for use in the home or for selling back to the grid.

Store energy for when you need it

High-capacity lithium-ion batteries store energy created from the solar panels and cheaper off-peak energy drawn from the grid for use in the home when you need it or for export at periods of peak demand. Significantly reducing home owner energy bills.

Charge vehicles off peak

Meet the additional energy requirements for electric vehicles by diverting surplus solar energy and charging at off peak.

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